Valley Supply


Rebar Fabrication

Valley Supply Grade 60 Rebar from Sizes #3 to #9 Placement Drawing Available upon Request (Lead Time Is typically 7 to 10 days) Valley Supply Stock Many Different Sizes of #3 & #4 Rebar Hoops—for Light stands Value Associated with Valley Supply is Turnaround Time—If you don’t need placement Drawings we can turn around a 10ton Project in 3 or 4 working days.

Waterproofing Membranes

Meadows Mel-Deck Pen-Dot Approved Bridge Deck Waterproofing Membranes—Many times Pen-Dot will ask to have a Trained Factory Representative on site when Applying materials, Valley Supply offers this service if needed

Epoxy Overlay Systems

Dayton/Unitex Type III Epoxy Overlay Systems & Friction Overlay Systems for Highway & Bridge Deck Epoxy Overlays, Many times Pen-Dot will include having a Trained Factory Representative on site when Materials are Applied, it is part of their written Specs, Valley Supply offers this Service if needed