Valley Supply


Location1-smValley Supply was started in 1977 on Old York Road in New Cumberland, PA by Frank Bingman and Wayne Schug, owners of Susquehanna Valley Construction Company with Mr. Harvey L. Sipe Sr. as manager. As a typical startup company there was only four or five employees. Valley Supply represented Richmond Screw Anchor, Master Builders, W.R. Meadows & Poly America Corporation at this time.

location2Then in 1982 Valley Supply moved to the rear of their parent company, Susquehanna Valley Construction at 175 Lamont Street  New Cumberland, PA. With a little larger facility, Valley Supply was able to service their customer base through a larger delivery fleet, and upgrade of their sales force too include two salespeople, including Harvey L. Sipe Jr. We also added additional product lines from Sonneborn, Kaufman Products and the Sika Corporation. Valley Supply worked out of this Location until 1988.

storageDuring 1988 Valley Supply obtained a new parent company Deblin Inc. who was building a new location for their upstart business and an office/warehouse location for Valley Supply. The new complex at 4913 Old Gettysburg Road, Mechanicsburg was completed in the spring of 1990. From the fall of 1988 to 1990 Valley Supply worked from a U-Store-It facility off Union Deposit Road in Harrisburg, PA in which Frank Bingham owned. We had 21 units filled with our inventory. It was very interesting remembering which unit had the materials you were looking for. At this time Harvey Sr. went back on the road to sell and Harvey Jr. and Cassa location3Bennie worked out of a job trailer in the rear of the facility. Our saving grace  project was the Eastern Distribution Center Project at NCAD. A company called Morrison Knudsen came in to build the facility and Harvey Sr. sold them just about everything they purchased. Our trucks delivered to that jobsite sometimes three or four times daily. We reinvented the term “customer service” just to survive.

We were ready to move into our new facility in the spring of 1990. It was great to have the inventory in one location. Our Mechanicsburg location is where Valley Supply really started to stand on its own.  In 1992 Valley Supply hired a new General Manager -Greg Freeman. He showed us how to create and take advantage of each opportunity. Every year at 4913 Gettysburg Road, Valley Supply expanded its warehouse space including a loft to stock more materials. Then in 1995 Greg hired a sales team that is when Jeff King, Joel Rampulla and Garry Stine joined the Valley Supply family. With the economy booming the team took Valley Supply to the next level. We added new product lines and services. We started stocking Wire Mesh and we purchased a Rebar Shear Line to fabricate and deliver rebar projects.

location4Then in 2000 Valley Supply moved into Deblin’s old office at 4915 Gettysburg Road. Finally we had a stand-alone office with a sales showroom. After Greg’s, Joel’s and Garry’s departure, Jeff King takes over as General Manager of Valley Supply. With the economy still booming we are approached by Steve Raliegh from the Unitex Corporation of Kansas City MO to become their Eastern distribution shipping center. We also upgraded our delivery equipment adding a tractor trailer and a flatbed truck to our fleet.

In 2003 Valley Supply started construction on a 20,000 square foot facility at 700 Independence Ave, Mechanicsburg, PA. The facility would include an inside Rebar Shear Line, vertical racking, an office and showroom. This is the location we are still in today. In the summer of 2004 Valley Supply looked to expand again this time we opened a satellite location on the Pottsville Pike in Reading, PA. We were able to hire another sales team–John Wright, Doug Hontz and Tammy Neinun. They change the demographics of the company.

During 2006 the economy still looking good Valley Supply is growing steadily. We added EP Henry to our product lines in Reading, PA and targeted excavating and landscape contractors. 2006 thru 2010 were exceptional years for Valley Supply. Everyone was working for one common goal.

Valley Supply went through many changes in the years from 2010 to the present. The economy could not sustain the amount of projects we had an opportunity to sell and we had to scale back our company. In 2010 we closed our Reading facility. The month of September 2013 brought positive change. Mr. Harvey L. Sipe Jr. was promoted to Vice President and General Manager and a few new energetic talented employees joined the team. With all these changes we have not missed a beat. Our staff understands the 1st rule of our business—the only people who can fire us are you our customers. So we better make sure we offer our best efforts with every opportunity.  Without you we would not survive.

The Future of Valley Supply is looking very bright. We have the right people in place, to insure you our best and possibly warranting us to help you with your next opportunity. We must continue to excel every hour, every day, every month and every year to persevere and continue to be a viable option for you our valued customers for many years to come.