Valley Supply

Thank you for visiting our website. Valley Supply is a distributor of high quality Concrete Accessories and Restoration Products. Since 1975 we have provided cost-efficient solutions to construction professionals in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our people stand out in the industry with outstanding product knowledge and a customer-oriented work ethic to help you make the right selection every time.

Valley Supply offers a vast selection of quality concrete accessories and restoration products to the construction industry. Come visit us Monday through Thursday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. or Friday 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Join our Team:

Valley Supply is now hiring.  We are in need of warehouse help for the summer and we have an opening for a CDL Driver full time (home every evening and weekend – no over the road).


Product Line and Equipment

Concrete Chemicals

Curing Agents, Concrete Sealers, Penetrating Sealers, & Water Repellants. BASF Corporation Curing Compounds Curing & Sealing Compounds Chemical Hardners & Water Repellents Chemtec Concrete Sealer Crossfield Products Miracoat Cementous Coatings Decorative Concrete Products Dacarati Internationals Smith Colors Concrete Dyes & Sealers Dayton Superior Corporation Curing Compound, Curing & Sealing Compounds Sealer Hardener Densifiers Water Repellents […]

Geotextiles & ADS Pipes

Geotextiles, Geogrid, Gabions & Erosion Control Products to Stabilize or Filter Excavation Sites ADS Drainage Systems Pen-Dot Approved Corragated Piping Inlet Sediment Sacks Advantedge Strip Drains & Geotextiles Hanes Geotextile Components Non Woven & Woven Geotextiles Erosion Control Products Terracell Cellular Confinement Systems Geogrid Systems Maccaferri Gabion Galvanized or PVC Coated Gabion Baskets ProPex Geotextiles […]

Metal & Forming Products

Wire Mesh, Dowel Baskets,Metal Forms, Form Ties, Sonotubes/Sonovoid Products  &Dayton Formliners. American Highway Technologies Pen-Dot Epoxy & Plain Dowel Baskets Contraction or Expansion Types American Wire Ties PVC & Plain 16ga Tie Wire, 9ga Tie Wire & 16ga Bag Ties Dayton Superior Corporation Rebar Splicers Taper-Ties Form Ties Coil Rod Coil Nuts Snapties—Jahn & Symons […]

Miscellaneous Product & Equipment Lines

Armor-Tile & Access Tile Handicap Ramp ADA Detectable Warning Panels Cast In Place Replacable Top or Retro-Fit Panels Avaliable Boss Manufacturing Safety Equipment & Gloves Chapin Manufacturing Construction Grade Sprayers Sprayer Parts & Equipment Diteq Diamond Tools & Equipment Diamond Blades Equipment for Cured Green or Asphalt Cutting Eagle Manufacturing Safety Gas Cans Spill Protection […]

Sealants, Caulking, Epoxies & Concrete Restoration Products

Albion Engineering Air & Battery operated Caulking dispensers Epoxy Dispensers Stardard Caulking Guns BASF Corporation Emaco Repair Mortars M-Brace Carbon Fiber Repair Products Master Builders Non Shrink Grouts Sonneborn Coatings & Sealants Cox North America Caulking Dispensers Air & Battery operated Caulking Dispensers Epoxy Dispensers & Standard Caulking Guns Dayton Superior Corporation Unitex Type III […]

Water Proofing & Trench Drains

Peel & Stick Membrane, Roller Applied Membranes, Undeslab Vapor Barriers, Preformed Trenchdrain Systems, PVC Waterstops, & Air & Vapor Barriers ABT Polydrain Polymer Concrete PDX & Trenchformer Trenchdrain Systems for Industrial, Manufacturing & Transportation Needs Aco Polymer Products Polymer Concrete Fiberglass & Powerdrain Trenchdrain Systems for Industrial, Manufacturing & Transportation Needs Barrier-Bac Underslab Vapor Barrier-VB-250 […]